Who Are We

We are Cloth Cat Games, an award winning development studio making games and interactive experiences for a variety of platforms. We’re specialists in Unity with several game releases to our name for PC and mobile, as well as web, studio and installations. In addition we have created over twenty HTML5 games for browser and mobile platforms since we established.

We have years of combined experience in development, design, filmmaking, animation and story writing. We utilise this diverse skill set and our collaborative experience to create new IP that finds niches in the way we tell stories, develop mechanics and bring characterful projects to life.

The company is based in Cardiff, Wales alongside our sister studio Cloth Cat; and with our funky fresh rebrand comes exciting change and laser focus on games development looking to originate new IP and work collaboratively with other studio’s on projects. This also sees us broaden out to PC/console multi-platform releases as the audience and model is a good fit for the games we aim to create. Our years of experience in developing, optimising and releasing to mobile platforms will continue to inform our work and our ability to port projects to these stores.

If we’re not making games then we’re playing them, and if we’re not playing them then we’re probably reading about them, and if not that then err sleeping (… and dreaming about them?! …this has gone too far hasn’t it)

Check out our Services page to see what we can offer; if you’re looking to commission a game to be developed or if you’re a games dev team looking for some additional hands on deck, we can probably jump in where needed and help craft something great.

The Team

Ben Cawthorne

Creative Producer

Ben oversees projects at CCG, leading the creative and managing the team; he has 10+ years experience designing games and guiding their delivery. Before CCG he worked for a decade in the animation industry – covering development, design, technique, technology and workflow. He had supervisory roles on numerous series, films and promos before moving into games creation.

Shane Skuse

Senior Developer

Shane has a decade of delivering interactive work with a keen focus on games and their mechanics. He has completed over 30 projects; starting out in Flash/HTML, advancing to JavaScript, Unity C#, custom APIs and writing his own engines. He sets the work practices and development pipelines for game dev in the studio using his deep technical understanding and attention to detail.

Harry Evans

Unity Developer

Harry has years of experience in the games industry primarily as a Unity Specialist and C# Programmer. He enjoys implementing creative game systems and has experience both technical and non-technical in the development process. He worked at Terahard for over five years and more recently at Italic Pig on their new game title Paleo Pines, before joining CCG.

Murray Somerwolff

UI/UX Designer

Game artist and designer, Murray is a seasoned UI/UX practitioner with a wealth of industry experience. He worked at Danish indie game studio Triple Topping where he shipped 3 titles, and since returning to the UK has freelanced on a number of games before joining CCG. Murray specialises in UX design and stylistic UI with a broad art style range.

Tom Lucas

Lead Concept Artist

Tom is a talented animator and concept artist based in Cardiff. Over the past 12 years Tom has freelanced for a variety of studios on series, games, shorts and commercials and is now in residence as Senior Artist at Cloth Cat. He leads on character and environment concept design, bringing his unique style and personality to the visual approach.

Kim McCarthy

Senior 3D Artist

Experienced 3D sculptor, modeller and texture artist with in-depth knowledge of Blender, Maya, Zbrush and Substance. Kim is adept at producing game ready 3D assets (character models, environment design and prop creation) and can match styles with ease. She has roots in Fine Art, Illustration and a Masters in Animation, which informs her professional work.

Josh Doyle

Lead Tech Artist

Josh is responsible for CG rigging, animation and R&D (Blender and Unreal pipelines). He began his career as an Animator at Pixel Hero Games, working on Warhammer 40k game Eisenhorn: XENOS. Since joining Cloth Cat he’s worked on a number of games and other animated media, while developing Blender and character tools.

Jon Rennie

Managing Director

Jon has been involved in the creative industry for the past 25 years. He started his career in games at Bullfrog no less, then went into independent filmmaking and visual effects, before settling in the animation industry – forming Cloth Cat in 2012. He runs studio operations and manages the animation business.

Our Studio

We believe in providing a positive work environment where our talented team can really flourish. We ensure that every member of the team has a voice in how things are done across both projects and company, and we invest time in training and R&D for both personal development and the benefit of our in-house and collaborative work.

A balanced work/life is important, we are anti-crunch, offer flexibility around core hours and operate a hybrid work environment where staff can choose to work in-studio, at home or a mix of the two! On the social side; we regularly attend industry events, host in-person and virtual get-togethers, game nights and have fun times at our annual summer and winter parties!

We are all about building an inclusive, collaborative and welcoming culture at Cloth Cat Games. If you’d like to be part of it then head to our Careers page where we post opportunites and you can submit portfolios and CVs for the future.