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We were founded on the principles of great design, innovation and collaboration. We support games at any stage of development and our friendly approach, dedication and speedy communication aims to make collaboration frictionless.

Our broad skill set, experience and passion for games ensures that as a partner we can be trusted to deliver great work, supporting the vision and ambition of projects we contribute to. Whether it be for two weeks of character design, two months of prototyping or two years of full game development, you can expect the same high standard from our team.

Whatever the assignment, we’d love to partner with you to help make it happen; you can contact us here for chat anytime and there’s more detail below on the ways we can work together…

Our Services

Game Development

As a proficient game dev studio we pride ourselves in crafting fun, rewarding and visually compelling game experiences. From concept to completion we cover every stage of game production. We are specialists in Unity for multiplatform, developing from the ground up or supplementing titles at any stage of development.

Art & Animation

Before making games we made animation; bold design and characterful motion are fundamental in everything we do and a real passion of ours. We concept and create 2D & 3D game ready assets, characters and environments that look great, and animation that brings life and polish to your game’s experience.

UI/UX Design

How a player interfaces with a game and the coherence of the options presented to them can make or break the experience. We revel in the iterative process of getting the player journey clearly defined and UI that enhances this concisely. We can build from scratch or help refine existing interfaces.


Getting a group of friends together for a game, all at the right time, can be a challenge at the best of times. So if this has been achieved then a fully functioning multiplayer is the ideal! We work with Photon and can build game lobbies, chat functions, leaderboards, test client and server combinations and optimise for performance.


The nature of creative work requires ideas be explored efficiently to discover if a concept has legs. Quick iterative proofs, exploring potential and testing outcomes is an approach we like to take and can help other teams with. It starts with a chat to align aims, audience, input, tech and feedback. We can help find the fun!


If you want to reach new audiences but dont have the capacity or setup to do so, let us help! We can port Unity developed titles or recreate games for a range of platforms. PC/Console and we’re particularly good at optimising, writing shaders and refactoring for mobile and web compatibility.

QA & Support

We have robust practices to seek out and destroy unwanted bugs and we’re very happy to share this, whether you are in development or post release. We can also support your game to assist with feedback, localisation, patches and create new content (DLC) too.

Narrative Design

We are storytellers at heart and love it when tales are told through gameplay, in all its forms. If you want help devising a narrative or restructuring and expanding on an initial concept we can step in to assist in the story process – to ensure it is rich and relevant.


At an early stage in the development process and would like advice, support, a sympathetic ear? Then reach out to us. We can help develop a GDD, plan a production (scope, schedule, budget, resource) or advise on specific approaches to development. We can also offer funding/pitching guidance.

Cloth Cat Animation

On the other side of the business, in fact just a desk or two away, we are a fully fledged animation production house. Cloth Cat has a long track record and wealth of experience in large scale animation projects for broadcast, film, games and promotional work. The talented team are a flexible, creative force who help producers and studios of any size create great animated content.

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