Discovery Map

The Careers Wales Discovery Map is an initiative to educate primary age children about wider careers possibilities.

We were tasked with developing a focal point for the initiative to teach Key Stage 2 pupils about careers and the world of work. The suite of resources for primary schools called ‘Careers City’ feature quizzes, fact sheets, and videos about different jobs and industry sectors. The resources have been specifically designed to fit within the new school curriculum for Wales 2022 and feature a range of themes and topics which can be used in a fun, easy and engaging way.

The brief was to design an urban environment that could illustrate a list of sectors in a meaningful and connected way. These were: Education, Food and Farming, Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure, Construction, Energy and Environment, Creative Industries, Care, Information Communication Technology, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Retail, Financial and Professional Services and Health.

The art was drafted several times to balance content and composition before being refined as a large layered vector image. This modular illustration is future proofed for updates and revisions including the intended next phase where we develop a supporting app and animate the characters and world.

The map can be adapted depending on the school’s local community and labour market and pupils can use it to explore ‘Careers City’ and its jobs throughout the school year.

A teacher who took part in the pilot said: “It’s important to begin raising the aspirations of young people by broadening their horizons at an early age and help to address preconceived and stereotypical views about the world of work.”