Produce Produce

A head-to-head ‘horticultural combat’ game where gardens are arenas and players battle for resources to sow, grow and throw™ as much produce as they can at goals (and each other).

Approachable and immediate gameplay for a wide age range; part harvesting sim, part sports game, its focus is fun arcade action but skill and tactics come into play once players get to grips with the challenge.

A game bursting with humour, character and playful ideas that expand on its core play mechanics.

Multiple arenas, characters and modes provide lots of gameplay options for multiplayer action (local or online), and a single player campaign where players follow a character’s story, can tackle challenges, skill up and try out tactics.

Different play styles are accommodated; passively tending crops, aggressively going after others, or focusing on challenges; agitating and disruptive or sly and stealthy, the game balances as long as you produce!

Target platforms:

Console / Personal Computers