It’s Mabinogi-Ogi: The Story of Branwen. Where two option decision making drives you through a story with a focus on humour, wackiness and semi-accuracy. Characters appear and story points unfold based on decisions made (swiping left or right), allowing for multiple play-throughs to gain extra detail, meet characters, fall at early hurdles, discover multiple endings or suffer further jokes.

We developed this desktop and mobile game on a custom branching narrative tool developed in-house in parallel to writing the story. This allowed us to adjust feature requirements based on how the story unfolded. We could create call-backs to earlier decisions and trigger special events where required.

Special events included additional mini-games for tongue-in-cheek moments from the story; like the starling making the journey across the Irish sea in a Flappy Bird style challenge. Or the catapult mechanics required to revive fallen soldiers in the magic cauldron.

The visual style is illustrative – we wanted to emulate the feel of Usborne books or Horrible Histories as their fun telling of historical events matched the delivery of this game. The characters were designed to align with the S4C series of the same name and the whole game was translated and built in both English and Welsh language. This was a core feature of our narrative tool, allowing for multiple languages to be written in the engine concurrently.

The project came together well and we’re looking for further opportunities in branching narrative content to expand on what we have developed.


S4C, Boom Cymru