Byd Cyw

A fun-filled Cyw app for kids who love games, stories, songs and exploration.

When we were commissioned by S4C to create an app for their preschool brand, Cyw, we knew it was going to be one of our biggest, most ambitious projects to date.

Our vision was for an app that allowed kids to fully immerse themselves in the happy, colourful world of Cyw, with a wealth of interactive activities to encourage inquisitive minds. Byd Cyw features a host of play zones for kids to explore with their favourite Cyw characters, and plenty of things to interact with to bring the characters and world to life.

Kids can grow fruit and vegetables from seeds in Cyw’s garden, feed Bolgi with their homegrown produce, arrange flowers with Llew, play ball, sing along with songs in the sunshine and listen to original bedtime stories when the stars start to twinkle. With a range of mini games to play, there is plenty for both boys and girls to enjoy, from driving a tractor and harvesting the farmer’s crops, to helping Bolgi collect all his favourite food.

With a system of special rewards and unlocks, plus more content being released throughout the year, the app encourages engagement and provides plenty of positive feedback and replay value for kids.


S4C, Boom Cymru


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