Bike Slide Ride (Bingo Beicio)

Choose your rider, choose your track and cross your fingers!

We were asked to create an engaging phone-in game for a new studio based live show: Cyw Byw. The game was to be played throughout the show and prizes given out based on how well the players did. Due to the nature of digital signal delay a simple game played over live TV is challenging if a player at home needs to control the game remotely.

We took the traditionally 2D characters and world the show’s brand is attached to and set about building a roller-coaster style 3D experience; where the player makes decisions at the start and then see’s how it plays out, by-passing the need for direct control and still making for good TV!

We created a kit of track parts in Blender and at the same time developed a track creation system with Unity to enable an iterative approach to the three tracks a player could choose. It was important that the tracks, no matter what twists and turns they made, could be completed in equal time – due to the structure of the show. Our track editor allowed for refinements to be made in this regard and was flexible enough to give variety to each run.

Every time the game is played the bonuses, boosts and character gates are randomly generated, so that each track will benefit one of the three characters. Without being able to see them, if the player matches the right character to the right track they stand to gain the highest score, anything else and they likely won’t get the top prize D:

The end result is a bold and vibrant game that gives a glimpse as to what Cyw’s world would look like in 3D.


S4C, Boom Cymru


Boom Cymru