Toot to the Rescue – Storybook App Launch

We’re very pleased to announce our latest release in our Toot the Tiny Tugboat app series: Toot to the Rescue, a storybook app for kids!

For the first time since Toot and Pop!, the much-loved picture book by Sebastien Braun that inspired the animated television series, Toot returns to storybooks with a brand new adventure for kids to read.

Featuring an all-new, specially written story by the head writer of Toot the Tiny Tugboat, this educational app is designed to help young readers at a range of reading levels. Kids can choose the Read to Me option to have the story lovingly narrated by voice star of Toot the Tiny Tugboat, Duncan Wisbey, or the Read by Myself option, which allows more confident readers to go at their own pace.

As our main aim was to design an app that was a fun and immersive adventure for kids as well as educational, we included lots of interactive elements, animated characters and sounds throughout the story that kids could click and play with as they read. Enhancing the story with playable activities such as blowing boat horns, building sandcastles, spotting sea creatures and more, creates a richer reading experience for preschool kids.

As ever, with our young audience in mind, Toot to the Rescue is a completely child friendly app, with no third-party advertising and nothing to take you outside of the app.

Toot to the Rescue is now available to download and read on your iOS devices.