Thud Media at unified.diff

Thud Media’s Shane and Bruce had a great time at the unified.diff meet-up last week talking about ‘Making Games for Kids in Unity and HTML5’.

unified.diff is a monthly event for those those interested in software development, and a wide range of technical people from different industries come together for these events to give tech talks and learn new things. This was a great opportunity for Thud Media to demonstrate the interactive projectswe’ve been developing recently and share some tech knowledge.

As Thud have recently worked on several games and websites for animated television series, Shane and Bruce could share their experience of developing games for kids and the unique challenges that come with it. They also spoke about the different 2D and 3D projects that can be created using HTML5 and Unity, using examples of our work on:

The talk covered the whole process of game development, from behind-the-scenes original sketches to clips of the finished games. The guys particularly enjoyed showing the Thud Media and Cloth Cat Animation showreels, as hopefully the animation aspect brought something a little bit different for the unified.diff regulars.

Shane and Bruce were glad to see lots of interest and questions after the talk, and delighted that some attendees came away inspired to try Unity. It’s always a pleasure to participate in unified.diff events, and share our experience with fellow game-dev lovers.

For anyone interested in trying out Unity for themselves, there’s a free version of the software available to download here: