Pyramid S4C – TV Series and Kids App Launch

Pyramid, a brand new game-show for kids, is being launched on Stwnsh S4C today, and Thud Media had an exciting role to play in its creation.

Made by Boom Kids and with titles and graphics from our sister company Bait Studio, the Ancient Egyptian themed television show features a range of games, puzzles and challenges to test the young contestants, including physical challenges with locks, blocks, keys and magnets, as well as a series of 7 interactive tablet games that Thud Media developed especially for Pyramid.

Created in Unity 3D, we designed these interactive games to test speed, quick-thinking, problem-solving, hand-eye co-ordination and mathematical skills, as well as incorporating the Egyptian theme with plenty of glowing hieroglyphics, scarab beetles, golden pharaohs and shadowy stone tombs. Kids play the games head to head, racing to get the highest scores in the time-limit, and with our on-screen symbols showing who’s pulling ahead and who’s falling behind, it’s an exciting dash to the finish line.

We’ve also developed a Pyramid app so everyone at home can try the interactive games for themselves. Kids can either play to get their own high scores or, with the special TV Sync mode, they can link their app to the Pyramid television show as it’s being broadcast and play along with the contestants in real-time to see how they compare.

The Pyramid S4C app is now available to download on your iOS and Android devices and play along with the show.

Pyramid airs every Monday at 5:25pm on S4C – and you can watch the first episode today!