Pocket Gamer Connects 2017

Last week, Thud Media headed to London for Pocket Gamer Connects 2017, a global mobile games conference that plays a significant part in our games industry calendar.

It was great to return to the Brewery this year, and during our jam-packed 2 days there we managed to catch no less than 32 keynotes, sessions and panels – and all without a time-turner! The special focus on VR throughout the conference was of particular interest as we’re currently working on VR tool development at Thud along with our mobile initiatives. We enjoyed the insightful Superstar Session with Martin Vilcans of Resolution Games on their VR experience, and after the Keynote with Microsoft’s Peter Daukintis and Mike Taulty, we can’t wait to give the HoloLens a try!

Another conference highlight was The Guardian’s Keith Stuart (The Faults are the Thing: Making Characters and Places that People Believe In). Keith had a lot to say about building believable characters and worlds through imperfections, a topic that he could’ve done with an extended session on!

Pocket Gamer Connects is always a good opportunity to meet lots of games folk, discover new ways of working and try out the latest projects and technology. Great to see plenty of indie games being pitched and new games coming on in leaps and bounds – quite literally with Chicken Jump! We also enjoyed the spin on the solo VR experience with Kajak Game’s multiplayer Nemesis Perspective, which allows a VR player to control a boss battling against a second player on console.

Thanks for having us, PGC – as always, we’ve come away feeling inspired and inebriated… with content!