Byd Cyw – App Launch for Kids that love Cyw Games

Last week saw the launch of one of our biggest projects to date: Byd Cyw (Cyw World) for S4C. It’s a fun filled app for inquisitive children who love games, stories and songs! After months of development here at Thud, we’re delighted to bring this project into the light with it’s release across both iOS and Android platforms.

Based in the colourful world of S4C’s pre-school brand, Byd Cyw features different play zones for children to explore with their favourite Cyw characters. As an app that encourages exploration, creativity and curiosity, it includes lots of special activities to find and interact with; kids can grow fruit and vegetables from seeds, explore the screens for animated surprises, sing along with Cyw songs, listen to original bedtime stories and more. With a range of mini games to play, there is plenty for both boys and girls to enjoy, from driving a tractor and harvesting the farmer’s crops, to helping Bolgi collect all his favourite food.

By engaging with the app, players can also earn rewards and unlock special bonus features. Whether it’s a new song to add to the radio or a new seed to plant and grow in Cyw’s garden, earning rewards provides positive feedback and encourages young kids to try new things. Plus, with lots of extra app content being released throughout the year, there will be even more games, unlocks, stories and songs to for little ones to look forward to.

This Welsh language app has play and exploration at its core, so both fluent and non-native Welsh speakers will be able to benefit and learn from Cyw’s world. You can learn more about Cyw and also read how we created the official Cyw website for kids to find out more.