Boj Smoothies – Kids Game Launch

We’re very excited to announce that the latest kids app in our Boj interactive portfolio, Boj Smoothies, has been released today!

Players help Boj the bilby as he receives orders from his friends in Mrs. Woof’s diner and mixes together the right ingredients in his blender to make yummy smoothies! Inspired by the themes of creativity and invention in the animated television series on CBeebies, young players can have fun mixing and choosing ingredients with Boj to make hundreds of smoothie recipe combinations. 

We wanted to make Boj Smoothies was as fun as possible for young kids, and by including lots of unlockable bonus content and different mini-games to play alongside the main game, there’s plenty of replay value.

  • Boj Says: Boj asks you to carefully listen to him and identify certain ingredients, it might be their type, colour, or pattern.
  • Twitchlet Frenzy: The Twitchlets are hungry! Feed as many as you can (with what they want!) before the timer runs out.
  • Mega Smoothie: Adding more and more ingredients into the blender as your buddies order the biggest smoothie ever!

Boj Smoothies also has an educational element to it, testing memory skills, coordination and imagination while helping kids learn about new fruits and vegetables in creative healthy eating.

Maintaining the same high quality animation as the CBeebies series and our Boj Digs app, we used original sound and character voices throughout to create an authentic experience for young fans of the show.

As with all our games for young kids, Boj Smoothies is completely child-friendly, with no adverts or in-app purchases. Boj Smoothies is now available to download and play on your iOS devices.

To celebrate release day, we threw a smashing Boj Smoothies party in the studio – homemade smoothies for everyone!