Boj Digs – Kids Game Launch

We’re very pleased to announce that the first in our series of official Boj apps for kids, Boj Digs has been released today!

Inspired by the adventures of Boj the bilby in the animated preschool television series on CBeebies, young players guide Boj to burrow underground in Giggly Park to collect special items and make a creative Boj-ey contraption to help Boj’s friends!

In this iOS and Android mobile game for preschool age and up, kids direct which way Boj digs using the touch screen, collecting musical ukuleles for extra points along the way and avoiding buried treasures like dinosaur skeletons and Egyptian statues which slow him down. This speedy, giggly, side-scrolling game uses plenty of the original music, bright colours and animation from the Boj television series, ensuring an authentic experience for little Boj fans.

Other key features of the game include procedurally generated levels (no two levels the same!) and intuitive difficulty levels – the game automatically adjusts the difficulty of play according to the ability of the player, meaning that every game will be fun, challenging and unique to each user.

As with all our kids games, Boj Digs is a completely child friendly app, with no adverts and nothing to take young kids outside of the app.

Boj Digs is now ready to download and play on your iOS and Android devices!