App Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy :
Cloth Cat Games make no attempt to provide or collect information, or use any external linking of any kind during your experience of our app.

Our privacy policy is detailed below. For further enquiries please contact us using our support page: HERE

Personal Information :
We collect no personal information. Personal information includes anything that can be used to identify a user such as name, location, contacts, photos or videos.

In App Purchases :
There are no in app purchases, subscriptions or any virtual goods in the app.

Social Media and Plug-ins :
There are no social media links, online profiles, registration or back end services used in the app.

External linking and the Internet :
We don’t include any external linking in the app.

Advertising :
There is no advertising in the app.

App User Reports :
This refers to usage and error reporting. We don’t collect this information in the app.


This policy was last updated March 2023