Who Are We

We’re Cloth Cat Games (formerly Thud Media), an award winning development studio making games and interactive experiences for a variety of platforms. We’re specialists in Unity with several game releases to our name for PC and mobile, as well as web, studio and installations. In addition we have created over twenty HTML5 games for browser and mobile platforms since we established.

We have years of combined experience in development, design, filmmaking, animation and story writing. We utilise this diverse skill set and our collaborative experience to create new IP that finds niches in the way we tell stories, develop mechanics and bring characterful projects to life.

The company is based in Cardiff, Wales alongside our sister studio Cloth Cat Animation; and with our funky fresh rebrand comes exciting change and laser focus on games development looking to originate new IP and work collaboratively with other studio’s on projects. This also sees us broaden out to PC/console multi-platform releases as the audience and model is a good fit for the games we aim to create. Our years of experience in developing, optimising and releasing to mobile platforms will continue to inform our work and our ability to port projects to these stores.

If we’re not making games then we’re playing them, and if we’re not playing them then we’re probably reading about them, and if not that then err sleeping (… and dreaming about them?! …this has gone too far hasn’t it)

Check out our Services page to see what we can offer; if you’re looking to commission a game to be developed or if you’re a games dev team looking for some additional hands on deck, we can probably jump in where needed and help craft something great.

Ben Cawthorne


Creative Producer

Ben is the Creative Producer for Cloth Cat Games and leads the dev team. He has 8+ years experience designing games and managing their delivery.

Since setting up the interactive studio he’s overseen 40+ projects; resourcing, recruiting, planning, designing and delivering. Working with the team to define spec and scope, dealing with client requirements and helping the team achieve their best work.

Before this he worked for a decade in the animation industry covering many areas of content production, with predominant focus on IP development, design, technique, technology and workflow. He worked in supervisory and management roles on numerous promos, films and broadcast series including: Ethel & Ernest (Universal), Boj (Sprout/CBeebies), Rastamouse (DHX), The Lingo Show (BBC), Iconicles (BBC) and Fun with Claude (Disney).

With a strong technical understanding, creative project management skills and experience in developing the digital content strategy for IP, he explores cross-platform opportunities for projects and their ongoing support.

He enjoys seeking new opportunities, making connections, furthering knowledge and generally being involved in the many facets of the games industry.

Shane Skuse


Senior Developer

Shane is the Head of Interactive Development and Senior Developer at Cloth Cat Games with a long track record of programming and delivering development projects with a focus on games and their mechanics.

He started out 12+ years ago in Flash/HTML development before progressing to JavaScript, Unity C#, building custom APIs and writing his own engines. He develops the core mechanics, sets up the framework, development pipelines and working practices for others to follow using his deep technical understanding and attention to detail.

With a background in animation and interactive design, Shane setup Cloth Cat Games with Ben to oversee the development of all interactive projects on a creative and technical level. Since 2013 Shane has worked on and delivered over 30 projects across a range of platforms and specifications.

With his past experience in animation production and knowledge of both web and Unity development, Shane is able to produce game content that looks and feels great.

Shane is most at home when solving creative technical challenges, refining and streamlining code or cooking up a new prototype.